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Form 6 and 7 laptop update

It’s hard to believe the school year is soon coming to an end. I wanted to take this opportunity to update you with regard to your son’s laptop and what the plans are for the end of the year and the summer. All Form 6 and 7 returning students will be taking their laptops home for the summer. The expectation is they’ll be brought back to school in excellent condition in September.

At the end of the school year, Form 7 students will return the black always-on carry bag they’ve been using. Students are expected to carry their laptops in their own backpacks or other protective case at the Upper School. The plastic protective case must always be kept on the laptop. If it cracks or breaks, your son should visit the help desk for a replacement.

Please have a discussion with your son about how (or if) you will allow him to use his laptop over the summer. How your son uses it is entirely up to you as a family to determine.

I have copied below some of the reference material that was distributed in the Technology Guide for Parents at the Prep School in September. I hope you find it helpful.

Sarah Barclay
Middle Division ICT Integrator

Tips for Parents

  • Remember that you set the rules in your home.
    • We recommend students use their laptops in a supervised environment, in a public area of your home rather than in his bedroom.
    • Exercise and movement are important.
    • Being social is important.
  • Talk with your son about:
    • Where and when the computer may be used in your home.
    • Sites and software you are comfortable with him using.
  • Share what he is up to on his computer:
    • Sit with him and find out how he uses his computer. We do not recommend allowing boys from the Prep to use their computers behind closed doors.
  • Set an example. Try to follow the same rules that you set for your son.

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