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Form 5: Message from the French teachers

Dear Form 5 parent(s),

Our students have different backgrounds, knowledge, and skills in the language. We respond to their needs in Forms 5 by offering a three-level program: Fast Track, Standard French and Enriched French. Each of the levels present the students with a challenging and varied content with the goal for students to progress comfortably to reach their potential, keeping in mind that they have different learning styles and progress at different paces. For instance, some students may understand and be able to use a grammatical concept the first time while others may need more time to learn it and apply it consistently well. Students also receive individualized teaching based on their learning profile at each level.

The goal of the French program is to foster a positive attitude towards French language instruction and to meet students’ needs and learning styles by providing an open, dynamic, energetic and constantly evolving program that is well balanced. We continuously adapt our curriculum, teaching and learning with the latest research and best practices for second language acquisition, as well as with the Ontario Ministry of Education FSL curriculum.

In the next couple of week, our classes will start our first units during which your son’s French teacher will carefully monitor his knowledge and skills and make sure he is in the appropriate group. If necessary, we’ll move him to another group after having consulted with you.

Throughout the year, students will study a variety of units and engaging stories. They’ll also make deep connections to their learning of PYP Units of Inquiry content, strategies and skills, as well as use shared literacy strategies and skills in both their English and French classes.

When your son is assigned some homework, it should take him no more than 10 minutes to complete it. If homework is taking longer than 10 minutes, please ask your son to stop and to see his French teacher the next morning. Homework won’t be assigned over the weekend. Students must take responsibility to prepare thoroughly for all assessments. Reviewing work on a daily basis and ensuring understanding of new concepts is also important.

A variety of methods will be used when assessing student work, including comments, quizzes, projects, unit tests, self and peer assessment, personal reflections, oral presentations, assignments and teacher observation. As well, student/teacher interviews and conferences will take place on an ongoing basis during class time. Each student is expected to maintain his binder in an organized manner as it is a critical study tool.

Student achievements will be evaluated in the following areas:
Oral expression
Listening comprehension
Reading comprehension
Written expression

In order to do his best in French this year, your child should strive to:
– Participate actively and only speak French during class time;
– Work co-operatively in small groups;
– Understand and consolidate new material;
– Enthusiastically participate in lessons, activities, songs and games;
– Seek help when needed;
– Complete homework when assigned (not to exceed 10 minutes per school night)

Students requiring extra help will be able to see their teachers at regular times before and after school. This extra-help time may also be used to finish homework that a student may have had problems with the previous evening. It’s also the student’s responsibility to check in with his teacher about missed classes or when he knows he’ll be away.

With your support, we’re confident your son will make good progress in French this year. Please don’t hesitate to contact your son’s French teacher if you’ve any questions.

Mr. Dupré will be available for extra help on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. His office is next to the conference room in the Parkin Building.

Nos remerciements,

Daniel Bendavid – Standard French

Guillaume Dupré – Standard French

Peter Labancz – Fast Track

Tina Lo (Head of the French Department) – Enriched French