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Form 1G: A message from the French Teacher

September 2014
Dear Form 1 Parent(s),
My name is Guillaume Dupré and I am delighted to be your son’s French Teacher.
I would like to provide you with information about the Form 1 French program this year.
The goal of the French program is to foster a positive attitude towards French language instruction and to meet students’ needs and learning styles by providing an open, dynamic, energetic and balanced program.
Research tells us that boys benefit from kinesthetic learning. One aspect of the Form 1 French program is called Histoires en action! It is based on stories and music presented in the form of plays and motivating activities that help to foster and develop students’ confidence and competence in French.
The Total Physical Response methodology is an essential component for boys learning a second language. The Gestures Approach uses hand signs in conjunction with spoken words to convey meaning. This helps to accelerate learning because signs are natural and pass directly to meaning for effective comprehension and acquisition through the use of high frequency and functional vocabulary. Students use their auditory, visual, kinesthetic and critical thinking skills to learn and use the language.
Your son will also work on his oral, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing skills through regular activities, videos, lessons and projects linked to his PYP Units of Inquiry.

In Form 1, no regular homework will be assigned. However, your son would benefit from review of words and gestures from the plays so that he is able to recognize and use gestures and associated words in class and in assessments. Before the end of September, your son will bring home a list of high frequency words he will be learning in the first unit La poule Maboule and the DVD Histoires en action! with the words and play gestured. Please keep these materials at home until the end of January. At this point, I will ask you to return the DVD, and you will get a new one.
Your son is encouraged to regularly practice doing and saying each gesture exactly as on the DVD, as well as to make sure he remembers the meaning of the words. I will send home an email before assessments to help your son better prepare for them.
In order to do well in French, your son is encouraged to:
– Participate actively and only speak French in class
– Learn the words and gestures covered in class
– Work cooperatively in small groups
– Enthusiastically participate in songs and oral activities
– Seek help when needed
I will be available for extra help on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 am to 8:30 am. My office is located on the left of the Conference Room (Parkin building). Parents are welcome to email me at gdupre@ucc.on.ca or to call me at 416-488-1125 ext 4017.
I look forward to a fun and rewarding year with your son.
Guillaume Dupré