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Applying for financial assistance for 2015-16

While it seems early in the current academic year, the application process for financial assistance for 2015-16 has begun.

The deadline for applications for students currently registered at the College is November 21, 2014. The upcoming deadline is so we can ensure that all returning student applications are assessed and decisions made before you’re required to make a re-registration decision early in 2015. Current parents must apply or re-apply by the application deadline to qualify for assistance for the 2015-16 school year.

The application is completed directly online at  www.applefinancialservices.ca through Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS). The $100 application fee is paid directly to FACS. This third-party service continues to provide independent assessment services and makes confidential recommendations directly to the College’s financial aid review committee. The committee will meet frequently during the late fall and early winter terms to review these recommendations and determine award allocations. Awards are made to eligible families on the basis of assessed need and may vary from year to year. However, since the total amount of assistance available for 2015-16 is fixed, it’s essential that we receive applications from all interested families by the November 21 deadline.

Please contact Colleen Papulkas in the finance office at cpapulkas@ucc.on.ca if you’ve questions about the application process.

Patti MacNicol,
Chief Administrative Officer