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Félicitations à nos finalistes

Do you know how public speaking benefits you?

  • You more quickly accomplish your personal and professional goals (and most likely achieve even a higher success than what you imagined).
  • It enhance your career as a student, employee, employer, family member and all the different social circles (social networks) you belong to.
  • It encouraged you to explore and share your values. (Speaking to an audience whose knowledge or opinions differ than your own can quite rewarding.)
  • It allows you to hone your critical thinking skills and listening skills. (Brennan, February 2013, World Press)

For more than 10 years now, Form 5, Form 6 and Form 7 students have participated in a Concours d’art oratoire. With the guidance and support of their teachers, students have researched, created, edited and rehearsed a speech in French. This year’s theme was on the francophone culture around the world.

This week, the Form 5 and the Form 7 finalists will present their speech at assembly. In a couple of weeks, out Form 6 finalists will also share their speeches with the Middle Division. We’re also thrilled to be sharing their accomplished work with our community.  Click on the following links to read the speeches:

Form 5 Enriched French Finalists

Form 6 French Finalists

Form 7 French Finalists