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Fall term SK–Year 7 Physical Education update

The fall term is well underway and students have been engaged in a variety of PE activities. Here are the current SK–5 units. 

SK – Routines, Tag Games and Intro to Throwing

1G – Target Games

2C – Target Games

3M – Striking and Fielding Games

3O – Invasion Games

4F – Striking and Fielding Games

4M – Target Games

5C – Invasion Games (Ultimate Football)

5F – Invasion Games (Soccer)

5H – Invasion Games (Handball)

The Year 6 students have been engaged in a World Football unit, where they will learn about Aussie Rules Football and Gaelic Football. They will then work in groups to create a practice plan based on the required skills and concepts of one of these games. Time permitting, they will teach their practice plan to another group. 

The Year 7s have been introduced to their Game Creation unit. They have been working in groups to develop a new and innovative game. When completed, they will have the opportunity to teach their game to another group and play it together.

Students should always be prepared to participate indoors and outdoors. They will continue to need clean indoor-only shoes and appropriate outdoor gear. A change of socks is recommended since our fields are often wet.  

On behalf of the PE department, we hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

John Hustler
Physical Education Coordinator