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Expectations regarding athletics

As the winter sports season gets underway, I’m sending along a few reminders about parental expectations regarding athletics.

Upper Canada College is a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), a group that takes this message as its guiding principle: “On matters of your child’s playing time, position and team strategy, bite your tongue; when a coach crosses the line on ethical, professional, sportsmanship or health and safety issues, open your mouth!”

PCA recommends the following:

1. Do not mutter criticisms about other players or officials.
2. Do not needle officials.
3. Do not goad other parents into acting inappropriately.
4. Do not respond to the comments of poorly behaving fans.
5. Do not contact a coach within 24 hours after a game.

Most of the above is just common sense, of course, but sometimes in the heat of the moment, some of us are inclined to offer “suggestions” for officials. (The other night at a basketball game, one irate adult was heard saying, “That was NOT an illegal screen – and how can he make that call from that far away?”) After writing this letter, though, I am determined to be a better fan!

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Thanks for reading this and thanks for coming out to the games to support our boys.

Jim Power