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Exhibition: Week 2

Energy and focus is high as each group determines individual lines of inquiry and begins research. Boys have begun to examine their line of inquiry through the key concepts of “Form: What is it like?” and Function: How does it work?” Looking at these key concepts should develop each student’s foundation knowledge on his topic. Next week, they’ll continue to develop their questions around the key concepts “Connection, Causation and Change” and, finally, “Responsibility, Perspective, Reflection.”

Each group has had at least one mentor meeting. Mentor conversations will deepen student questioning and guide possible action ideas as student knowledge grows.

In your son’s learning log, he’ll continue to document his process and reflect on each week’s achievements. The boys look forward to sharing their process with you at their student-led conference on Thursday, April 16.

Remember to mark your calendar for Exhibition Day on Friday, May 8 from 1 to 3 p.m. and plan to attend this showcase and celebration.