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Exhibition update

Form 5 students looked at central ideas from units of inquiry across the Primary grades during Exhibition periods this week. They were charged with an analysis of the central ideas based on the following critera: Is is true? Open-ended? Worthy of inquiry anywhere in the world? Is it debatable? It’s NOT an opinion (or value laden). After analyzing the central ideas, the boys began to develop their own central idea for class-chosen topics. Following March break, in their newly formed Exhibition groups, students will develop their group’s central idea collaboratively or their shared exhibition topic and this week’s lesson will be reinforced by teachers and mentors.

Next week, each Form 5 class will be visited by Form 6 Exhibition experts, Daniel Botros, Jay Kim and Owen Eubanks, who’ll visit for an early morning period of Q&A. We find these periods are useful for our Form 5 boys who like to hear a student’s perspective on workload, actions, tips and tricks, etc.

The Form 6 Exhibition experts will also be present during our PYP Exhibition information session, on Tuesday, March 3 from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. to answer parent questions. RSVP your intent to attend to djojic@ucc.on.ca. The location of the meeting will be posted at reception as you enter.

Also note in your calendar that Exhibition Day is Friday, May 8 from 1 to 3 p.m., when we’ll celebrate the boys’ work. Please plan to attend for the entire afternoon.

We’re all excited about this year’s PYP Exhibition process and look forward to seeing where the Form 5 Boys’ passions will take us.