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Exhibition update

The PYP Exhibition research is well underway. Our Year 5 students have been engaged in writing and researching their Key Concept questions focussing on Form, Function, Change, Causation, Connection and Perspective. Next week, they will pause their research as they will begin to consolidate their findings. Boys will determine the most important and interesting facts. The ultimate goal is to synthesize their information to answer their questions. Eventually, they will create slides for their key findings to be shared in celebration of the 2020 PYP Exhibition. Before too long, collaboration will start in the creation of each group’s slideshow. Criteria and more information will follow through Form Adviser weekly activities and messages.

As boys return to research, they will begin to explore how people are taking action about their issue. You may note that in Art, boys are looking at how artists can take action through their art, called ARTIVISM. Student’s “Artivism” piece and reflection will be among the ways they are able to take action this year – by teaching others through their art.

You will have noted from the revised calendar, and based on the uncertainty of the days ahead, we are no longer working to a May 8 Exhibition Day. Whether at school or virtually, we do intend to share student work and celebrate learning. As we are responding to student need and progress, slight modifications to the work flow are reflected on the calendar which remains somewhat dynamic. 

Please know and be assured that the Year 5 team is here to direct and guide the boys in a responsive and meaningful way as they work through this exhibition project.

If you have specific questions regarding the PYP Exhibition, please feel free to reach out.

Dianne Jojic
PYP Coordinator