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Exam study spaces and stress busting activities

In preparation for the upcoming exams, the Centre for Learning and the Macintosh Library have partnered together to provide students with on-campus study spaces and stress-busting activities. During the exam week, June 7 to 13, the Macintosh Library will be available for students who wish to study in a silent space (between morning and afternoon exams). Collaborative study spaces for students who wish to study in groups will be provided and supervised in rooms 127 and 128. The student centre will also be available for collaborative study but will also feature quiet games such as chess, calm colouring stations and other activities that will help students unwind.

While this can be a stressful time for students, it’s important to take this moment to remind us all that stress isn’t always a “bad thing.” According to the Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University, there are three levels of stress students can experience. The first is positive stress. This can actually increase a student’s performance by helping him focus and get down to studying. Some students may also experience the second level of stress, known as tolerable stress. This type of stress is serious but temporary, and can often be buffered by supportive relationships. Toxic stress, however, will hinder a student’s performance and can often be accompanied by serious physical symptoms.

Wishing all your sons success on their final exams.

Kathryn Barnes, Director, Wernham West Centre for Learning
Mari Roughneen, Teacher Librarian, Macintosh Library