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Exam review day is Monday, June 15

All students are expected to attend their classes according to the special schedule below. Please note that casual dress is permitted on this day. Exam review day provides all students with the opportunity to review their exams with their subject teachers. It’s an important occasion for students to reflect and deepen their learning from the exam-­writing experience.

Y1 and Y2 students will receive an online exam review reflection form that they’re expected to fill out, from class to class, throughout the exam review day. This is a requirement as part of their Careers portfolio and Ministry of Education credit.

And although not required of them, FY and IB1 students are certainly free to use the same online exam reflection form to enhance what they take with them into future exam experiences.

Schedule for Monday, June 15

review day schedule









There is NO LUNCH service for the boys after Advising. They’re simply dismissed.