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Event | Treaty Recognition Week

As part of our school community’s work towards truth and reconciliation, students are participating in Treaty Recognition Week. Treaty Recognition Week in Ontario happens during the first week of November. It’s an opportunity to learn about treaties from diverse Indigenous perspectives and encourage an understanding of the importance of treaties in Ontario. 

At the Prep, students will be learning about treaties through assembly presentations and class discussions. In some year levels, a deeper exploration of treaties and Indigenous history has been woven into the curriculum. For example, in Year 5 design with Ms. Kastelic and Ms. Jensen, students will be exploring and unpacking the concept of treaties and agreements between Indigenous communities, as well as between settlers and Indigenous communities in Canada. Students will apply their knowledge to a digital media design challenge. 

In the Year 7 Individuals and Societies classes, students have been studying the legacy of Residential schools and are now in the process of completing letters to Residential Survivors describing what they personally could do to work towards Reconciliation.  

At UCC, we participate in Treaty Recognition Week as part of our commitment to learn about, respect and honour Indigenous peoples. If you would like to talk about treaties with your child at home or are curious yourself, the Treaties website from the Ontario government provides historical context and present-day information. 

If you are interested in contributing to our community’s Truth and Reconciliation Council, please contact Peter Gray.

Kathryn O’Brien

Peter Gray