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Establishing an official name for all your documents

Many of our students are known throughout the school by a nickname rather than a legal name; that is acceptable except when applying to universities or registering for IB examinations. It is recommended that the school’s database reflect the student’s legal name, especially as he enters IB2.

The College provides academic information in the form of transcripts to the universities; ACT or the College Board sends standardized test results. Confusion between legal names and nicknames often arises and has, on occasion, created delays in processing applications because academic documents cannot be matched to applications. Universities receive thousands of applications, and they cannot be expected to conduct manual searches in order to pair up documents. Please ensure that all references include the legal name you are using in your applications.

When a student graduates, he receives the Upper Canada College Certificate, Ontario Secondary School Diploma, Ontario Scholar designation (if applicable), and the IB Diploma. Students are responsible for ensuring that the College has the necessary information in our database so that each of these documents is issued correctly.

Now is the time to review and revise, if necessary, as we will soon be issuing documents in support of applications. Please see Ms McSheim in the Main Office to make any changes to biographical information.