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Essential agreements for home technology use

We’re working on a project to help you develop essential agreements for your family for when your son brings home his laptop in Grade 6.

The agreements can be used to outline everyday activities at home. The agreements will be on this page for you to print or you or your son can get one during exhibition day or at our tech drive at the entrance hall.

Essential Agreements For Home Technology Use
By Randy, John, Rohin and Neil – 5H

Balance screen time with social and physical activities. Be sure to reach a compromise with your children. The amount of screen time you allow should be reasonable. See this website for suggestions on family screen time.

Make sure that there’s a great balance between school work, reading, exercise and electronics.

Keep the computer in a high-use area, so that you can easily supervise your children.

Encourage your Grade 6 and 7 children to check their email daily.

Being cyber bullied hurts. If it happens, make sure that you supply a lot of encouragement for your child. It’s very rare but it can happen, so be careful. To prevent it, have check-ins with your child and make sure that they tell you all that happens to them on the web.

Have some control over social media accounts for your children. Some social media accounts have an age restriction of 13.

Your son should never share personal information online. Check the acceptable use policy for more information.

Don’t share anything that can personally identify you.