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End of year technology housekeeping

Thank you for all of your support with our Continuous Learning Plan. It has been truly remarkable to see how much everyone (students, parents and teachers alike) have learned about digital learning with our youngest learners. When this first started, we looked for research of best practice but it just doesn’t exist for this age group since this type of remote digital learning really has not been done before with young learners. As such, while there may have been challenges, we made it and we are grateful for your patience and persistence.

How to Save Work from Seesaw

At the end of most school years, students leave school with all of their schoolwork from the year. This year, more work than ever is in Seesaw. It is possible to download this work, if you would like.

It is important to note that if your son is leaving UCC or moving on to Year 6 neither he nor you will have access to the work in his Seesaw Learning Journal after June 19, 2020. If your child will be returning to SK-Year 5 at UCC in the fall, he will be moved into his new Seesaw class and you will continue to have access to the Learning Journal from this year via the Family app or online. If you would like to download any work, here’s how:

To download individual items:

  1. Open the Seesaw Family app or go to https://app.seesaw.me 
  2. Go to the individual items, click on the 3 dots and save the item.

To download everything:

  • Follow the process for downloading your child’s whole Seesaw portfolio outlined here.
  • The Learning Journal will be saved as .zip archive, including images, videos, audio recordings, and text notes or captions. This won’t look quite the same as it did online but everything will be there. 

School iPads and Laptops To Stay Home for Summer

The school laptops and iPads will stay at home for the summer. Please do not feel compelled to use the school device at all throughout the summer. If you would like to lock it away, that is fine with us. We just ask that you bring it back to school with you when that time comes.

If you allow your child to use the device in the summer, please be aware that students cannot add any new applications that are not in their Self-Service app or Mosyle Manager set up by the school. They do, however, have browser access. Should you wish to block any websites, that would need to be done using methods such as those outlined by Jim Laplante in the April 30 and May 11 editions of Heads Up. We also encourage you to set clear rules around usage as per the Tips for Parents towards the end of this Technology Guide for Prep Parents 2019-2020.

If you decide to use the school iPad or laptop in the summer and you run into any issues, please contact our Help Desk at helpdesk@ucc.on.ca.

Year 7 Laptop Cases

At the Upper School, students carry their laptops in their own personal backpacks. At the end of a typical year, our graduating Year 7s would leave behind their laptop cases at the Prep for use by incoming students. For now, please keep the laptop case at home. Once we return to campus, we will communicate a plan for your son to return his black laptop case to the Prep.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Lara Jensen, Technology Integrator SK-5

Sarah Barclay, Technology Integrator 6-7