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Encourage your son to enter our essay contest and win a master class for budding entrepreneurs

How’d you like your son to win an unparalleled leadership opportunity? This year’s Founder’s Dinner speaker Reza Satchu runs an renowned program called “The Next 36,” for emerging innovators—and he’s offering our boys a great opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

We recently sent this email to all Senior Division students, urging them to enter our essay contest. We encourage you to have a read and please encourage your son to apply by Jan. 21:

Are you UCC’s next entrepreneur?

Enter our essay contest by Jan. 21 to win an awesome entrepreneurship opportunity

Are you always dreaming up the next big thing? Could Mark Zuckerberg learn a few pointers from you? Are you sure you could make it with a few big breaks? If so, we have a fantastic essay competition for you.

This year’s Founder’s Dinner speaker is UCC parent Reza Satchu, Founding Chairman of “The Next 36,” Canada’s renowned entrepreneurial leadership program for emerging innovators. He’s offering up a dream opportunity for the lucky winner of this competition.

You’ll have an unparalleled opportunity to participate in key Next 36 events and to sit in on Mr. Satchu’s entrepreneurship class, “The Economics of Entrepreneurship.” It’s consistently been ranked the very best undergraduate class at the University of Toronto. You’ll interact with Canada’s highest-potential young entrepreneurs and several of Canada’s most impressive business leaders.

The winner of the contest will be invited to participate in the following key Next 36 events:

  • Prototype Day: An exciting first day of nerves and anticipation, as participants in The Next 36 and Next Founders pitch their ventures for the first time, to a keen, and constructive group of potential investors at the TSX.
  • Venture Day: A final chance for all participants in the Next 36 and Next Founders to pitch to a room of more than 500 key stakeholders and investors, with the hope of obtaining funding for their ventures.

So what are you waiting for? Simply answer each of the following three questions in 500 words or less and submit your answers to Maria Karakoulas at mkarakoulas@ucc.on.ca by Jan. 21.

  • Why do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?
  • Are Canadians too polite to be good entrepreneurs?
  • Who is your entrepreneur hero and why?

Winners will be announced at Founder’s Dinner on Feb.11 and at Founder’s Day assembly on Feb. 12. Good luck