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Donate | Clothing drive for Cornerstone

Clothing drives are extremely important to Toronto’s local community and are foundational for helping people in need. We are asking that you consider donating gently used clothing to aid Cornerstone’s mission in recovering those who suffer from addiction. Cornerstone is a charitable agency that provides community-based recovery programs for individuals and families experiencing and impacted by addiction. They are local, self-funded and support those in need. Very little of their funds go to administration costs but rather directly to those in need. As much as society sees substance abuse as a choice, it is not. It grows out of difficult situations often from abusive families and environments. Everyone can be successful if given the right opportunity. These kids and adults need support and Cornerstone is helping to make a difference for many deserving families. Cornerstone has been running since 2004 and has established itself as one of the leading charitable institutions in Ontario.

Recycling used clothes is also great for the environment. Clothing drives help keep materials out of landfills. High levels of methane gas and CO2 are generated by the rotting rubbish in the ground. Many toxic substances end up in landfills, which leeches into the earth and groundwater over time and creates a huge environmental hazard. By reusing clothes, you are keeping clothes out of landfills and in the hands of those who need them. You will also be building a circular economy, where things are manufactured, used for as long as possible, then recycled. The circular economy would help us build a sustainable environment where things don’t go to waste as easily, and where everything is being used to its maximum potential.

From February 22 to 26, clearly marked bins will be placed near school entrances and at the north roundabout drop-off area. Please place gently used clothing in plastic bags for the donation.

For more information, please visit https://cornerstonetorecovery.com.

Thank you,

Adam Tarsky
Year 10, Personal Project