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Deadlines for Students Applying to U.S. Colleges

Applications to U.S. colleges require a significant investment of time by both the student and the University Counselling Office. Because of this, students who intend to make an Early Action or Early Decision application to a U.S. college must notify us of their plans by Tuesday, September 30. This is a necessary deadline in order to allow us to complete a detailed school report for all applicants before the November 1 deadline. You will be expected to complete your portions of the application by Wednesday, October 15 so your counsellor can assist you with the editing process.

The University Counselling Office has a form that all Early Decision applicants and their parents must sign in order to indicate their understanding of the binding nature of such an application. Students who apply Early Decision to a college and receive an offer of admission must attend that college. Once an Early Decision offer has been confirmed, UCC will not send transcripts for such students to any other educational institution.

While most U.S. colleges have a January 1 deadline for submission of Regular status applications and receipt of supporting documentation from the University Counselling Office, some schools have an earlier deadline. The University of California system, for example, has a November 30 deadline; University of Southern California has a December 1 deadline for students who wish to be considered for scholarships and for programs such as cinematic arts, dramatic arts, and music. Students must provide their counsellors with a minimum of one month’s notice for any applications that have a deadline earlier than January 1. Failure to notify the University Counselling Office in time could result in the counsellor’s report being submitted after the deadline.

Students intending to submit Regular applications to U.S. schools with a January deadline must notify their counsellor or Ms Berndsen of their intentions by Friday, October 31 at the latest. Regular US applicants will strive to complete all their applications by December 1 in order to allow time for revisions before exams and holidays.

More instructions concerning the application process will be provided at the mandatory Naviance workshop on September 17 and at the US workshops on September 14, October 1, and October 22.