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Cultural exchange opportunities for Y2, FY and IB1

Why should your son do an exchange? An exchange allows your son to the opportunity to develop a multitude of life skills and life experiences he might not be able to experience at home. An exchange is about experiencing a new culture, making a new group of friends from the other side of the world, learning how to navigate the world. Student will return home with newfound strength and confidence. In addition, you’re providing an opportunity for another student to have the same experience here in Canada!

For both exchanges:

  • UCC students stay with their partner’s family and must, in turn, host their partner back in Toronto. It’s expected that both host families would act as “tour guides” on weekends as appropriate.
  • Student make their own travel arrangements and travel insurance.
  • Police checks must be completed for both families.
  • UCC student must be currently in Y2 or FY.
  • Student must complete an interview process to ensure they’re able to appropriately navigate the exchange experience.

We’re excited to offer two exchange opportunities for 2017 for current Y2, Foundation Year or IB1 students:

St Peter’s has requested an eight-week exchange for April/May 2017 with the UCC student going to St. Peter’s from July 25 to Sept. 20, 2017. That said, the dates and time lengths are flexible and will be adjusted on a case-by-case basis. The deadline for applications is Jan. 15. Please click this link if you would like more information: ​

Focus Group Request

Interested parents who’d like to be part of focus group on international service trips and exchanges are asked to email Deirdre Timusk. If you’ve every taken part in an exchange or worked or lived internationally this is your opportunity to help develop our exchange and international trip opportunities.