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Comprehensive testing program for Forms 4 and 6

Boys in Form 4 and Form 6 will write the ERB standardized test entitled the Comprehensive Testing Program 4 (CTP4) on Monday, Nov. 3 and Wednesday, Nov. 5.

The purpose for administering the CPT4 test is to gather information about the knowledge, skills and understanding of this year’s Form 4 and Form 6 group. It will help us further develop and strengthen our program. The CPT4, combined with other forms of assessment, can provide valuable information to help us meet the needs of our students. Many independent and international schools use this standardized test and find it to be a useful assessment tool.

Standardized test scores, in isolation, are not a measure of a student’s learning, ability or achievement levels. Although we will use the test results to support boys’ learning, these scores are not reflected in your son’s levels or report card. The results from the test provide us with some information about your son’s development.

We will send your son’s test scores home for you in January, but again we stress that they are simply one piece of the assessment puzzle.

Mary Gauthier
Executive Director
Wernham West Centre for Learning