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Support Churches-on-the-Hill food drive at the Prep

Dear Prep Families,

We are BZ (7F), Lincoln (7M) and Cole (7F). Two weeks ago we went to the Churches-on-the-Hill Food Bank in conjunction with some Upper School students. There, we learned about how they operate and what their needs are.  

At the food bank we were surprised to learn how much poverty there is in this neighbourhood. At UCC, we are very fortunate, as are those who live in the surrounding neighbourhood. But slightly past the Forest Hill neighbourhood there is immense poverty, causing the need for a tremendous amount of food being handed out at the food bank. 

During COVID, the number of people attending the food bank went from 1,200 to nearly 2,100. It is very difficult for the food bank to keep up with this need alone, because every person gets a bag valued at around $60. Even though there was an increase in usage from the community, their staff numbers went down, because the people who usually volunteered did not do so because of age and the virus. Sixty per cent of the people attending the food bank are either children or people over 65. We aim to help them by making this year’s food drive easier and more structured.

At the food bank we got a list of 14 different items that will be the focus of this drive. These 14 items are on this list because:

  1. They are the most needed items.
  2. They are healthy.
  3. They are items the food bank often has to purchase with donations.

So that’s why they called on us!

The hope is to ensure that all food will be healthy, filling and fresh, and to achieve a list of great foods. The food bank needs these specific items, so we assigned each of the 21 cohorts at the Prep two items. This will help the food bank volunteers focus on distribution of the donations, rather than sorting. 

We have crates in each classroom, and if someone has another class’s item, they can drop it off there. 

SK – Baby food and Cheerios

– Diapers and peanut butter
Y2 – Salted crackers and canned tuna

– Dried beans and rice
3O – Baby formula and canned fruit

– Canned salmon and pasta sauce
4M – Oasis juice and large flake oats

5C – Diapers and canned fruit
5H – Cheerios and baby formula
5F – Baby food and peanut butter 

6L – Rice and Oasis juice
6B – Salted crackers and pasta sauce 

6C – Canned tuna and canned salmon
6J – Large flaked oats and dried beans 

7G – Rice and Oasis juice
7S – Crackers and pasta sauce
7F – Canned tuna and canned salmon
7M – Large flaked oats and dried beans
7T – Baby food and peanut butter
7P – Cheerios and baby formula
7C – Diapers and canned fruit

On behalf of the UCC community, we are thankful for your contributions and support.

Holiday Food Drive Team

Lincoln Dugas-Nishisato (Y7), BZ Coleman-Gradkrand (Y7), Cole Baker (Y7)