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Checking and appealing IB results

Your final IB results will be available online sometime on Monday, July 6. You will gain access to your results by logging on to the IBO website at https://candidates.ibo.org using the Personal code and PIN listed on your ManageBac account.

If your final grade in any subject is below your record of achievement, it is possible to make an appeal to have any marked components of your grade reassessed. In order to do so, you must complete the “Enquiry Upon Results Request Form” which will be provided to you by Ms. Ferguson’s office and attach either a credit card number or a separate cheque payable to Upper Canada College. The cost will be approximately $160 for each subject appealed. The request must be made before mid-September. Please note that while the appeal is generally quick, it may take up to four months; it is in your best interest to launch an appeal as quickly as possible. If your appeal is successful, no payment will be required.

You should be aware that appealed grades can be raised, lowered, or remain unchanged. Therefore, it is advisable to discuss the feasibility of any appeal with your university counsellor.