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Changes to the Year 10 MYP Programme for 2020-2021

Dear families,

To provide students with the best possible educational opportunities and preparation for the IB Diploma Programme, we want to share some exciting changes to our Year 10 Middle Years Programme offerings for the 2020–21 school year.

Faculty have worked to restructure our current offerings to give students wider exposure to all eight MYP subject groups in Year 10. With access to all eight groups, boys will have the greatest number of options as they embark on the Diploma Programme in 2021–22.

Specifically, there is a customized disciplinary and interdisciplinary science course that all Year 10 students will take. It covers the necessary prerequisite knowledge, concepts and skills needed to excel in chemistry, biology, physics, environmental systems and societies, and sports exercise science at the DP level. Most importantly, this change delays for one year the often difficult choice students have had to make in Year 9 between a life sciences (biology and chemistry) or physical sciences (physics and chemistry) track.

In addition, all students will take a tailored interdisciplinary humanities course. Civics and global citizenship will replace our discrete history and geography offerings. Our new course will give students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, concepts and skills to prepare them for DP-level history, geography, economics, global politics, and philosophy.

These changes ensure that all students have access to physical and health education, arts and design courses through Year 10, emphasizing physical wellbeing and opportunities for creative thinking.

As we honour the College’s commitment to a liberal education, we are confident that our restructured Year 10 MYP offerings give students the best preparation for the Diploma Programme, and keep their academic options open for the longest possible time.


Naheed Bardai Julia Kinnear
Head of Upper School Academic Dean