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Call for volunteers to support UCC’s Syrian refugee family

It felt like the day would never come but, after two years of fundraising and paperwork, UCC is set to welcome the Farastaki family from Damascus, Syria to Toronto by August at the latest.

This momentous outcome is the result of a UCC community-wide effort that was launched in the fall of 2015. The next step is frontline support for when the Farastaki family, which has five children under the age of 18, arrives. Whether you have a few hours to assist with welcoming, can make a clothing donation or are willing to be a team leader for the re-settlement process, your help is needed.

With the launch of UCC’s new strategic directions this month, this initiative hits at the very heart of two of five key values: pluralism and service. By assisting a family from a war-ravaged land, we have a perfect opportunity to live our values by creating a more inclusive community, working towards the common good and making a huge difference for others.

Please sign up for something here or pass the link on to a retired family member. All jobs have a basic description and give you an idea of the time required.

If you can’t help out with your time now, please consider donating furniture or kitchen items. Calls for that will go out later.

Please contact Deirdre Timusk at syrianfamily@ucc.on.ca if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Sam McKinney, Tom Babits, Tom Lindell, Naheed Bardai and Deirdre Timusk