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CAIS accreditation update and online parent survey

The 2018-19 academic year is the College’s accreditation time with the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS). CAIS includes a network of over 100 schools, all of which commit to undergoing a reflective and collaborative school improvement process, meet national standards and participate in research and professional development.

An accreditation year consists of a deep review of 12 standards that are defined by CAIS. These standards include Vision – Mission – Values (1), Co-curriculum and the Learning Environment (2), Academic Program (3), School Leadership (4), Human Resources (5), School and Community (6), Enrolment Management (7), Governance (8), Finance (9), Physical Plant, Health and Safety (10), Commitment to School Improvement (11), and Boarding (12). The College will welcome a visiting committee from CAIS from April 14 to 17. This visiting committee, comprised of national and international educational leaders, will review how the school demonstrates effective practice and they will review the documentation that supports each of the standards.

Writing teams at the College have been working diligently to prepare an extensive internal review and collect documentation that the visiting committee will review. These writing teams are comprised of faculty, staff, parents, and students. We have been soliciting feedback from all of these groups in support of the internal review. For each of the standards, the school answered will need to answer a number of guiding questions, identify areas of strength and growth, and recommend areas that the College should focus to position ourselves to continually improve.

As a parent, you can also add to the content of the internal review. Standard 6: School and Community asks the College to reflect on how parents can contribute to the positive school climate and strengthen the sense of community. As well, the College is asked how parent involvement can be improved. To support the College’s response to this, you are asked to complete a short anonymous survey on your involvement with the College and how we might improve that parent connection. Please click here to take that survey.

Upon the completion of the site visit in April, the visiting committee will prepare a response to the school that will include commendations, suggestions, and recommendations.  We look forward to sharing some of that report with the community later in the spring.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at Jlaplante@ucc.on.ca.

Jim LaPlante
Executive Director, Information and Innovation
CAIS Internal Evaluation Coordinator