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Bombardier factory tour

This is Billy from Seaton’s. I’m writing to report and reflect on the trip we just went to at the Bombardier factory.
We departed at noon from the school and arrived at the factory at about 1 p.m. We met Eric Hansen, our guest speaker on Sept. 11, before we toured the factory.
It was the annual “Family Day” at the Bombardier factory, so it was open to families and friends of Bombardier employees. We were extremely honoured to be invited by Hansen for this opportunity.
We walked in the factory and made our way down the final assembly lines of different types of Bombardier aircraft. We saw how different pieces of huge metal are put together and how they test them to make sure everything is functioning. We stopped regularly to have a close look at the wing structure, engines, gears and even the small screws used on the aircraft. In the meantime, we also saw a Bombardier CRJ aircraft performing a low-attitude flight show.
The tour took us about an hour-and-a-half, during which we learned a lot about how airplanes are put together and how Bombardier keeps hundreds of thousands of aircraft parts organized.
We meant to also offer our time helping Hansen, but he was really busy running the glider and water rocket programs. We ended our trip by thanking him for this great opportunity.
I want to thank Brian Tu, Nicolas De Chazal, Omar Oosthuizen and Simon Guo for coming out to this tour. I hope they enjoyed this valuable chance and saw something they were interested in. I also want to thank Hansen for inviting us. It’s absolutely a great honour for us to have had him as our guest speaker at the beginning of the school year and to tour around the factory.
Billy Shi

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