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Boarding Newsletter | The Stretch to Winter Break Begins

Most of us had the opportunity to get off campus for the long weekend to see our parents or stay with family, although there were several who spent the weekend in the house. The much needed and well-anticipated break puts us in good shape for the long stretch ahead towards winter break. Winter sports are intended to start soon, but the conditions for play remain unknown as of now. There have been no changes to the COVID policies in boarding or around the school, except for an exciting change opening up a new facility to the boarders (see below). Even though it’s a little early to hear Christmas music playing in the dining halls, I am looking forward to the holiday season ahead!

Arranged and written by Jack Edelist ’21

This Week at a glimpse…

➢ Movember in Boarding
➢ The Boarding Experience: Long Weekends
➢ SAS Finally Opens Up
➢ Where Are They Now? – Jeremy Iacobacci ’20

Movember in Boarding

Written by Amir Modaressanavi ‘21

A man every minute, a man every 16 minutes; these are the numbers of men who die because of suicide and prostate cancer in order. While society forces us to think men are tough, the reality is far away from the truth. We need to question whether we are doing enough, whether we are taking care of our brothers, fathers, or mates. Despite my hatred to generalize, I must say we are not. Movember is an annual campaign in which men grow moustaches and run 60 km during November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, including suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Besides the moustache, the Movember foundation runs charity events through its fundraiser. To encourage the students, this fundraiser counts towards Prefects’ Cup points and a rivalry competition between houses of Upper Canada College. Since you started reading this, a man has died of suicide. But it is preventable. All you need to do is grow a Mo, become a MoBro/MoSista, or move for Movember. Please donate to the house you are associated with using the links boys have been sharing through social media, email, etc. Remember, your efforts will change the face of men’s health.

The Boarding Experience: Long Weekends

Written by Kosei Satoh ‘21

Enchanted mornings,

Baseball in the bubble,

It brings me delight.

November long weekend came to an end. It went by in a flash, but gave me a nice, relaxing rest in the midst of all the work. With nothing much I was able to do outside, I spent my time getting ready for examinations and Internal Assessments. Recently, I have been starting to understand why the IB program is considered top-notch; tackling multiple important assignments in the rigorous schedule, I feel that I have grown over the past two years,not just as a student but as a better human being overall.

I was also able to accompany Mr. Cloutier, his son, and fellow boarder, Jay Kim, to a morning baseball workout in the field bubble on Saturday. It was great fun, and I was able to get rid of my stress and take in the crisp, winter air.

Wrapping it up, I would like to end it with quote from a Japanese Shogun in the 1600’s:


(If you only know what it is like to win and don’t know what it is like to lose, it will bring you harm.)

– Tokugawa Ieyasu

SAS Finally Opens Up

The Boarding Leadership Team, Mr. Turner, Mr. MacKay, Mr. Buttery, Mr. Cowie, the parents and many more have made it possible for the SAS to reopen for boarders only. The timing works out perfectly as TPH has just extended the gym closure for another 28 days, which leaves the SAS as one of the only open gyms in the city.

For those who are new, the SAS is a world-class training facility located in the Hewitt Athletic Centre that is generally at the disposal of the entire upper school. Inside features 6 squat racks, a full rack of dumbbells, several machines and anything else you’d expect from a top-of-the-line gym. Usually, it is open after school to anyone looking to work out with Mr. Buttery – our strength and conditioning coach – and open in the evenings for boarders to use.

The new work-out conditions include a limit of six people, a maximum of hour-long training sessions, wiping down all equipment before/after usage, staying within your designated “training zone”, no cardio and no physical contact (including spotting). Even keeping these in mind, there really isn’t much we can’t do (considering not many of us do cardio anyway). I speak for myself and many more by saying I can’t wait to get in there to finally shake off the rust.

Where Are They Now? – Jeremy Iacobacci ‘20

Now studies finance at Concordia University; former Seaton’s Head of House; involved with soccer and hockey programs; head of the Italian Club.

What’s one thing you miss most about being a boarder at UCC?

What I miss the most is the accessibility to various activities and services. The opportunities to grab a soccer ball or pick up a pair of skates and walk out the front door and step almost directly onto the pitch or the ice were truly one of a kind. Spending time with my new UCC friends is also something I wish I could still do. The hours we spent studying for exams in basements or empty classrooms are moments I will never forget. They were the roots of friendships I would never have made if I didn’t choose to go to UCC.

What’s one thing you don’t miss?

The one thing I don’t miss is the food in both the Upper and Lower Dining Halls. I struggled with that throughout my time at the school and devoted several hours a week working with the school in various capacities to improve the situation. Hopefully that department has seen some improvements since I passed on the torch to the current Year 12s!

What’s the first thing you’d do if you visited?

The first thing I would do if I visited would be to reconnect with my teachers and boarding adults. I truly appreciate their efforts and I learned a lot from them, not only of course content, but life lessons as well! I will never forget them. I hope they are all doing well and getting the hang of online teaching! I envy current students who are building strong relationships with them; I would give up more than you think to sit in on one of their classes right now!

What are you studying and what’s the dream after college?

I am currently studying Finance at Concordia University in Montreal through their institute of cooperative education. I don’t have an explicit “dream” yet, but what I have determined so far is that I would like to have a job that allows me to move around the city or the world and interact with different people rather than sitting at a desk and working on a computer all day long.

What’s been keeping you busy?

I have been spending a lot of my time reading books that have been sitting on my shelves for a long time. I have also been watching movies and updating a detailed list with films I wish to watch and those I have watched already. Some of my friends and family are able to consult it when they are in need of something to watch, whatever their mood.

What advice would you give current students?

As an Old Boy, I would definitely advise current boarders to cherish every moment and try to take the time and appreciate what you’ve witnessed so far because it will end rather quickly, especially like it did for the boys in my graduating class. Not having UCC around you will truly create a void because there is nothing quite like it.