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Boarding family-style dinner

All boarding students, and many of the faculty members living on campus, gathered for the monthly family-style dinner on Nov. 7.

Wedd’s House organized the dinner, for which Aramark goes out of its way to make sure everyone is treated to
something very special to eat. On top of that, faculty members and students enjoy a meal where everyone sits down at the same time, with no agenda that needs to be completed. Everyone just gets to know each other a little better.

Student entertainment, highlighting well-hidden talent, often accompanies these family-style dinners. Participants weren’t disappointed on this occasion.

Billy Shi and Brian Tu agreed to perform a song after dinner. Shi sang and Tu played guitar for a song called “Back in Time” by Feng Wang, a famous Chinese musician, rock singer and composer. His songs usually express his desire for a better life. This song was written in 2005 and addressed everything that might happen if time could go back. The chorus is: “I would sacrifice all if time could turn back.”

Shi and Tu chose this song because they believe there’s nothing more valuable than time. You only get to live life once and you can never turn back the clock.

“The time we spend here in UCC boarding with all 88 boys will never come back to us again,” they say. “So the message is ‘Let’s treasure the time that we are together as lifetime friends.’”

Billy Shi on the mic

Billy Shi on the mic


Billy Shi entertains

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Brian Tu showing his talent