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Boarder exam workshops

Jody McLean and Mary  Gauthier are facilitating evening exam workshops for Foundation Year, IB1 and IB2 students.

Students in IB2 have the biggest challenge, as their exams will cover all work attempted over their two-year IB Diploma journey. The first order of business is to create an exam study schedule. A proper study schedule builds in study time, recreational time as well as proper eating and sleeping schedules.

McLean and Gauthier talk to the boys about the importance of balanced sleep and recreational time so their mind stays alert. One of the great values of the UCC co-curricular program is to create a change of pace during the day. A rowing workout, soccer or hockey practice will help boys relieve stress and generally make them feel more energized and refreshed.

UCC teams stop practicing and playing games during the exam period. This means students must build their own exercise regime. Boarders are lucky to have access to the SAS Fitnes Centre, the William P. Wilder ’40 Arena & Sports Complex and the outdoor sports court during the day.

McLean and Gauthier give the boys many exam tips so they can make the most of the exam challenge. Some boys need a regular change of scenery, some study well in a cooperative setting and others need complete silence.

The economics exam on Friday, Dec. 4 marks the beginning of the exam period for IB2 students. Foundation Year and IB1 students begin exams on Thursday, Dec. 10.

A big thank you goes to McLean and Gauthier for keeping our boarders on track for success.

 Loic Martin & Daniel Reid taking advice while preparing study timetables

Loic Martin and Daniel Reid take advice while preparing study timetables.

Josh Archibald creating a study calendar

Josh Archibald creates a study calendar.

Nick Wedgwood, Riley Raso & Olivier Couture listening to Ms McLean's words of wisdom

Nick Wedgwood, Riley Raso and Olivier Couture listen to McLean’s words of wisdom.