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Boarder Christmas Dinner

On Wednesday, Dec. 5 the boarding community gathered for our annual Christmas dinner. Aramark Foods treated us to an unbelievable dinner. Eighty-eight students were joined by 17 boarding faculty and senior administrators that live on the grounds of the College. We were joined by day parents and UCC alumni who contribute to weekend support for new and veteran students as they become accustomed to living in Canada’s largest city. Without the support of such a caring community we could not possibly meet the needs of boys attempting to realize their academic potential while participating in the co-curricular program and getting out to enjoy so many wonderful opportunities in the city.

There were many contributors to the slideshow and even with more than 125 slides we did not capture everything that has happened since September 1.

Hope you enjoy the slides. Every one of the 88 boarders should be proud of what he has accomplished this term; stepping out of one’s comfort zone and attempting new and exciting opportunities over the last 3.5 months is no easy feat.