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Blues Degree | Program for Week 1

Dear Year 12 parents,

If you are interested, please see below for the program we are offering the Graduating Class of 2021 as part of Week 1 of the Blues Degree. Details of next week’s programs are as follows:

Monday | Land that dream job!
Executive Career Coach Brian Twohey will walk you through how to hone a message to prospective employers about why you are the right hire. This is advice you don’t want to miss — or else you might miss out on that dream job.

Tuesday | Take your pick — learn something new
Pick one of the following awesome options offered by our incredibly talented UCC faculty and alumni.

  • Rock the room: Andrew Musselman ’99 coaches corporate leaders on how to speak and present to engage and inspire an audience. One of the greatest skills you can have on your path to success is to capture the room. Andrew will make sure to teach you how to do this. This is a one-time only session, so it won’t be offered next week.
  • Learn to code with Mr. Miskew: If you haven’t learned this, you should really do so. It can open up remarkable possibilities if you are able to create real online content. Mr. Miskew will help give you a super power that can make all the difference.
  • A thing of beauty with Mr. Crawford and Mr. Bauld: Need we say more — Mr. Crawford and Mr. Bauld together? Join them as they help you create something beautiful by combining film and poetry. Is there a better antidote in these times than immersing yourself in creating something of beauty? Our poet laureate and film master will support you as you create something beautiful for yourself or to share with the world.
  • Cooking survival guide with Ms. Wells: You absolutely have to learn to feed yourself — and not just Cool Ranch Doritos and chipotle! Ms. Wells will teach you how to make simple and delicious recipes that will fuel you when you are no longer having meals made for you.
  • Spreadsheets for the win! With VP Advancement Brendan Dellandrea ’01: Few things are as helpful in life as a well-built spreadsheet. From personal budgeting and future planning, to business modelling and scenario analysis, to analyzing complex data, learning these key tricks and techniques can save you time, money, and hours of lost sleep. Plus, if you haven’t worked with Mr. Dellandrea yet, boy are you missing out!
  • Identity and agency: Learning as being with Ms. Gauthier and Ms. Khalanski in this mini-course. It is a university-style course that will examine how all learning leads to a reframing of our sense of self, of who we are. Our identities are socioculturally and historically constructed. Where is my agency? What are the affordances and constraints? Is it a question of who am I, or perhaps who am I becoming? Join Ms. Gauthier and Ms. Khalanski for a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of university study.

Wednesday | Uni 101: Academic transitions

Find out how to be successful academically as you transition to university. Recent UCC alum from the classes of 2018, 2019 and 2020 currently attending a diverse range of universities will share with you what to expect in a university academic program and give you tools to succeed. This discussion will be moderated by Henry and Krishna, and alum will answer your questions.

Thursday | Speaker series at 2p.m.

Lee Kane: Minister-Counsellor & Senior Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada to the United States of America.

Friday | Fridays are for the grads

Led by a dedicated group of soon-to-be grads, students will share the celebrity lookalikes in the Class of 2021 and then play Jeopardy with answers taken from polling their peers.