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Bell Let’s Talk Day at the Prep

Since the fall we have talked about wellbeing in assemblies, on the ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ announcements, in Health and Life Skills and in other classes.  

Last week we marked Bell Let’s Talk Day at the Prep as another opportunity for us to think about our wellbeing.  We highlighted that it is a day to invite people to think about how they and others are doing. We also reinforced that it’s about being able to talk about how we’re feeling with the hope that others will be understanding, supportive and accepting.  

Bell’s theme this year was “every action counts” and that positive actions of any size can help in supporting someone’s wellbeing.  In both the Primary and Middle division assemblies we focused on two such actions. The first was around simply noticing how those around us are feeling and ask someone, “Are you okay?”, listen to their response and suggest taking action, for example, talking to a trusted adult. The other action was to spot and acknowledge each other’s strengths.  We asked everyone to notice positive characteristics in others and to fill out two notes about what they observed; one was given to the person being recognized and the other put in a Colour House collection. The three Houses with the most positive comments written won Colour House points.

In just three days, over 240 notes were written by more than 130 people, identifying 29 different positive characteristics or behaviours.  Peers were recognized for such things as being inclusive at recess and lunch, for being helpful by always focusing in class or by helping someone understand a new concept.  Kindness was acknowledged in a note about a classmate who sent positive emails to someone who was sick and perseverance celebrated by observing a classmate who did not get distracted in class and therefore finished their work.  Courage was noted in a peer who admitted a mistake they had made and in someone else who stood up for a friend. Overall, many different actions were shared for the characteristics identified.  

In the end, each Colour House submitted almost the same number of comments and given the positive response, every House receives points for the activity.  Well done!

Martha Boyce
Health and Life Skills teacher and Prep Counsellor