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Bell Let’s Talk Day | January 28, 2021

Today, we’re marking Bell Let’s Talk Day at the Prep. Since September, teachers have been especially aware of speaking with students about the importance of wellbeing during these different school times. Checking in, incorporating movement breaks (including yoga in Games period), talking about stress or managing emotions and sharing strategies to settle and focus are just a few of the ways teachers have supported students. 

Bell Let’s Talk Day is another opportunity for us to support these efforts. In assemblies this week we highlighted that like physical health, we all have mental health and that this is a day to remind people to think and talk about it. When we are mentally healthy we can enjoy life, be creative, learn, try new things and cope with difficult times.  

Bell’s message that, “Now more than ever, every action counts” speaks to the importance of taking care of our mental health during these times and our focus for the day this year is on self-care. A video shared in the assemblies highlighted that self-care is, “building healthy habits that can help carry us through difficult times” and includes care for all parts of ourselves – physical, social, emotional and spiritual.

As a way to put this into practice, a Self-Care Scavenger Hunt has been shared with all students. We’re asking them to look for ways to take time to do some things to take care of themselves and to track which self-care activities they try this week. Next Thursday we’ll ask them to share what they did and will award Colour House points for every student who tried at least one activity. A self-care activity list for adults is available in the Bell Let’s Talk Toolkit if you would like to work on it too!   

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Martha Boyce
Prep Counsellor and
Health and Life Skills Teacher