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August 31, 2017 – What’s Inside?

dartWhole School: Register for Skills Hockey Camps; Looking for an exciting volunteer position?; Mark your calendars for Association Day on Sept. 23

Primary: Message from Tom Babits, Head, Primary Division; Register for Year 3 family barbecue on Sept. 8; Prep Photo Day is Sept. 14

Middle: Message from Naheed Bardai, Head, Middle Division; Prep Photo Day is Sept. 14; Lice check reminder

Intermediate: Clarifying athletics for new boys; Year 8-12 parents: Is your son a budding entrepreneur?; Opening week obligations for all students

Senior: Message from Scott Cowie, Head, Senior Division; Clarifying athletics for new boys; Is your son considering applications to U.K. universities? Register for the “Best of U” British university evening

Future Ties: Even though the summer is not officially over…; A fond farewell to Ms. Carvalho and welcome to Ms. Weldon!; Don’t forget your career studies assignment!