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Assessment calendars for Year 11 and 12

The below charts indicate DP summative assessments planned for the week of Nov. 12-15. For a personalized schedule of assessments students should check their individual ManageBAC calendar.
Y11 Assessment Calendar
Y11 Assessments – Nov. 12-15 (short week)
French A oral
Spanish A oral test
Mandarin A test
SL Mandarin test
HL/SL Geography test
ESS Closed Ecosystem lab (Grp3/4)
HL/SL Com Sci assessment
HL Theatre collaborative project (Mock)
Music essay
Y12 Assessment calendar
Y12 Assessments – Nov. 12-15 (short week)
French A test
SL Mandarin A test
Spanish A oral test
HL/SL econ assessment
ESS IA final (Grp3/4)
SL SEHS IA draft
HL/SL Physics test
SL/HL Bio test
SL/HL math test
Math studies test
Music – theory test