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Are we a community of readers? 

Are we a community of readers? The Language & Literature Department at the Prep have taken this question to the Middle Years community.

With two sessions at assemblies so far–and planned about once a month in the future–the L&L Department has been canvassing the Middle Years students and faculty at assemblies to find out what they are reading, when they are reading, and if they know the benefits of varied and consistent reading…in this digital age?

This installment at Middle Years assemblies is called “Hey, what are you reading?” Students and faculty members are asked to come up to the microphone and share their reading habits and current selections. It has been met enthusiastically by both students and faculty with many sharing their reading choices and habits with the community. Thanks to those who have already come up on stage to talk about books and other forms of reading they do.

We look forward to more input from faculty and students about literature at future assemblies and installments of “Hey, what are you reading?” In the meantime, grab a book!

Brian Green


Prep Language & Literature Dept.