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A message from Year 6

Thank you to Ben, Henry and Tanner from 6C for writing this Form 6 update about their school experience:

In phys-ed, we are in a transition between four units. The first unit we did was badminton. We were learning how to perform the different shots, when to go to the net and when to stay back. We also reviewed the rules of badminton. The second unit was gymnastics where we learned different types of poses and at the end, we performed three different poses in addition to an entrance and an exit. In the third unit, we went to the Upper School to use their pool. During the unit, we were taught how to clear our mask underwater and we learned how to go underwater and come back up without our snorkel tube getting clogged. At the end of the unit, we were tested on mask clearing and going underwater without getting water in our snorkel tube. Our last unit, which we are doing right now, is skating.

In games, the tryouts are just about to conclude. The options are softball, track and field, and intramurals.

In design we were challenged with a task that at the beginning seemed very difficult; it was to build a cranking toy called an automaton. However, under the instruction of our teachers, we were taught one by one how to safely and effectively use the tools. As well as that we were taught how to efficiently plan and execute a design using skills like doing an orthographic sketch. As the weeks went by, more and more of our projects came together and in the end, all of the boys had fully functional toys. Now that we have moved on to our third and final unit of design coding, we still apply and use the skills that we learned in term two. So far in the new term, we were introduced to a coding tool called Mblock to program autonomous vehicles to adapt to their surroundings and we are excited to get started.

In art, so far, we have learned many new techniques from the minute we stepped into the art room. From our experience in art, we have always had to be creative to overcome challenging projects. Recently we have been working on different kinds of symmetry and expressing ourselves through drawing and painting. Overall thanks to Ms. Preston, our art teacher, we have learned so many new and interesting ways of drawing, painting, and sculpting that we had never expected. We are excited to see what fun project we will do next.

For history and geography, we have been working on Ancient Rome. We have learned about Rome in so many fun ways, whether it be giving “Roman Senator Speeches,” our two tests or the long tough assessments. Over the course of this unit, we have developed many skills in addition to learning facts about the Roman Empire and Republic. We have learned about the evolution of history, Rome, and test-taking skills. I am sure all the boys are excited to jump straight into the next unit of “Abrahamic Religions” starting next week.

In English, in unit three called “Border Crossing,” we were challenged with the task of learning what it meant to be a global citizen through Alan Gratz’s book Refugee. Some of the learning highlights were the class book discussions, answering questions about an interactive refugee camp called Domiz, and, in general, read our book. We were really puzzled by the main idea of this unit until we realised that we are all global citizens and country and city borders are imaginary lines” Overall so far we have learned so much of what it is like to be a refugee and I am sure the boys cannot wait to start the new unit of “Shakespearean Plays” as my class will be performing Twelfth Night.

We started band at the start of the second term. We are now learning how to play two pieces, “The William Tell Overture” and “In The Hall Of The Mountain King.” We have been playing “The William Tell Overture” for three months and we are having a test on the piece the end of the month. We are starting to get the piece as a whole and listening to ourselves as a section, and as a band. It is our first piece that we have learned in band class. Our second piece, “In The Hall Of The Mountain King,” is a piece that we have just recently started. We have been playing it for under a month. In addition to the band, we are also working on a project about the history of our instrument.

In science, we just finished making popsicle bridges and testing them. We started by designing our bridges with a software called West Point Bridge Designer and then we met with a partner and took the best parts of each design and then we made a blueprint. After that, we assembled our bridges and tested them. Now we are just starting an ecosystems unit.

In French class right now we have been discussing the items we use on a daily basis and how to say them. This will help us grow our vocabulary, our speech quality and our overall knowledge of the language.

Thank you for reading,

Ben, Henry and Tanner




Blue: Whole School
Yellow: Upper School
Red: Prep School


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