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A message from Year 5

Now that your grocery bills have been impacted by our Food unit, we are about to toss up your evening conversations in our new Governing Body unit. 

Our Governing Body unit fits under the theme “How we organize ourselves”, which explores the idea that governing bodies provide a structure for members of a community. We analyze governing bodies as an umbrella phrase including any system of organization, such as schools, families, businesses, government, etc. With this knowledge, we will compare and contrast systems of organization for efficiency and look at the attributes of effective leaders. 

We began with a scavenger hunt requiring students to interview adults around the Prep to learn more about the roles and responsibilities for a wide variety of positions at UCC. The students create organizational structures to represent UCC’s governance. Some students organized the roles according to the power of decision-making abilities while others organized roles according to their importance to students’ daily lives.

The students then explored various organizations – LEGO, Google, NHL, Canada’s Wonderland, Apple, Loblaws, etc – to determine how their organizations are structured. They designed graphic organizers to outline their thoughts and share them with their peers. We are currently looking at government systems and pulling examples from the present and the past. From here we will jump into an analysis of Canada’s system of government. 

In math, students are finishing their unit on geometry and angle measurement. This unit was deep with vocabulary as the boys classified polygons, various triangles, and angles. Please ask your child to draw you a congruent triangle with only a compass and straightedge. Or, ask your child what the total sum of angles would be for a polygon – pick whichever one you would like! Our next unit will focus on division strategies and division algorithms. 

Intramural hockey, basketball and swim teams are well underway, as are the hockey and basketball tryouts. We look forward to sportsmanship, team bonding and a chance for every student to shine athletically. 

On Dec. 9, all Year 5 students will be heading to Crawford Lake to kickstart our next unit of inquiry on Indigenous Nations. This will be a full day trip. One parent is requested per form. Please let your room parents know by Nov. 24 if you would like to attend and they will choose fairly.

With the cold weather here, please remind your child to pack appropriate clothing for recess. 

Year 5 Team

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