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A message from Year 5

Year 5 students have been delving into their research about a specific nation from among the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. They have practiced specific skills such as highlighting, categorizing paragraphs and paraphrasing information in their own words. They are compiling their research notes to create a group presentation to teach the rest of their classmates about what they’ve discovered. This project will create many learning opportunities. They will learn how to properly cite sources, create effective jot-notes, use technology to create a slideshow and collaborate with peers to present an oral report.

As part of our Year 5′s  “Where We Are In Place and Time” inquiry into Indigenous Peoples, we visited the Royal Ontario Museum. Students explored the main features of communities of First Peoples in Canada through the ROM collections. Students identified and compared how pre-contact First Nation Peoples’ cultures met physical and social needs and studied primary artifacts from Indigenous Nations. Pourquoi tales address the reasons why nature or animals have specific characteristics. After reading and identifying key characteristics of Pourquoi Tales, students have immersed themselves in the writing process have been encouraged to unleash their imaginations. From how zebras got their black stripes to why rabbits like carrots, students have created stories to explain the mysteries of the world. After writing rough drafts and participating in writing conferences, students have been using Google Docs and Book Creator to produce a final copy.

In mathematics, students are starting to explore the meanings of fraction, decimal and percent notations for rational numbers. They will practise conversions among these notations, often emphasizing the fact that embedded in every fraction is a division problem. We will review fraction concepts, such as exploring mixed numbers, comparing and ordering fractions, and finding equivalent fractions. Students will also practice turning fractions into decimals and percents.

These are busy times. During the lead up to the winter break, please encourage your sons to remain focused and prepared for learning each day. Thank you for your continued support.

Upcoming Dates:
The Year 5 skating party is on Monday, Dec. 17 at 10:40 a.m. in the William Wilder ’40 Arena.
The last day of classes Thursday, Dec. 20 and early dismissal is at 11:40 a.m. It is also a casual dress day.

Classes resume Tuesday, Jan. 8. Have a safe and happy holiday!

 Paul Faggion pfaggion@ucc.on.ca
Jennifer Harper jharper@ucc.on.ca
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