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Message from Year 5

The boys are busy uncovering the past 10,000 years of history. Each student is working in a small group to study and share one indigenous group, prior to European contact.  We began by reviewing highlighting skills and how to take proper jot notes. The boys are researching from books, encyclopedias, and websites to transfer this information into jot notes. From here, the boys will create a visual show and speech to teach their classmates about their indigenous group.

Form 5 will head to the ROM to interact with artifacts from different indigenous groups. Please print off and return the permission form in Heads Up. 5M will be going to the ROM on November 27. 5H and 5F will head to the ROM on December 3. Thank you to the parents that volunteered to join us!

In Language, the boys are continuing to practice their grammar skills and writing paragraphs. As part of our new unit, the boys will soon begin “Pourquois Tales.” They will write an interesting an “Creation Tale” going through the process of developing dramatic beginnings, engaging middles and strong endings. The boys will also be walked through the editing process putting their grammar skills into action.

The Form 5 boys are finishing their unit on geometry and angle measurement. This unit was deep with vocabulary as the boys classified polygons, various triangle, and angles. Please ask your son to draw you a congruent triangle with only a compass and straightedge. Or, ask your son what the total sum of angles would be for a polygon (pick whichever one you would like!). Our next unit will focus on division strategies and algorithms. 

In design, the Form 5 boys are researching indigenous nations that lived on this land prior to European arrival. The cumulative task for the boys is to create a design to raise awareness of these nations. They are at the beginning of this process and we look forward to seeing what their piece evolves into. 

Intramural hockey and basketball are well underway, as are the Form 5 hockey, basketball and swim teams. We look forward to sportsmanship, team bonding and a chance for every boy to shine athletically. 

A quick reminder to remember to copy Prep attendance when you’re aware of future or extended absences. This will prevent teachers from having to forward emails to reception as well as reception from having to call home. Thanks for your co-operation.

With the cold weather here, please ensure that your son has the appropriate clothing for outside recess.

Jennifer Harper