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A Message from Year 5

Y5 Queen’s Park 18 Parental Permission Form for Day Trip Sept 2018

We have had a wonderfully busy start to the new school year with students enjoying both the Terry Fox Run and Association Day. Students are getting involved in our community through joining the play, athletic teams, Green Team or ASP clubs. We look forward to discussing how your son is settling into his new Form during Parent Form Teacher Interviews on October 12.

Students in Year 5 are continuing their exploration of how governing bodies provide structure for a community. Specifically, they have now turned their attention to how the government of Canada has been structured into three different levels of governance. We are exploring the roles and responsibilities at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government and are looking forward to learning more when we take a field trip to Queen’s Park, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on Oct. 19. Please sign and return the permission form in the download above for this trip by Monday, Oct. 15. The trip will start after lunch and be concluded by the regular dismissal time.

The skills we are working on in Language Arts are connected to unit of inquiry. When reading about governments, we have identified many nonfiction text features such as bolded words, captions, index, titles, etc. We are exploring how the use of these features aids to improve our reading comprehension. In addition, our novel study is about a group of children creating their own city and learning how structures must be put in place in order for it to run smoothly. We have been reviewing parts of a sentence and learning how to construct meaningful responses to questions posed about their readings. Students have been introduced to the acronym ACE answers. They will continue to use this as a guide throughout the year as they practice their ability to write fulsome answers.

A – Answer the actual question being asked.
C – Cite evidence or examples from the text to support your answer.
E – Extend your answer. Using prior knowledge or personal experience, explain how your evidence supports your answer.

In math, we are already in our second unit of the year, estimation and computation. The focus is on using different algorithms to solve equations of larger numbers. We strongly encourage all students to put forth the time and practice needed to memorize their basic multiplication and division facts to twelve. This will be very beneficial to them throughout the year. While there are numerous algorithms available, we have selected two algorithms, for each computation, to study in more depth. Please refer to the chart below to see the algorithms your son will be taught:

Please remember to take out the “Letter to Parents” pages in your son’s Math StudyLink pages at the start of each unit. Reading through this newsletter will provide you with specific terminology, activities to try with your son, and the answers to his Studylink (homework) pages.

On a final note, the different classes of Year 5 students will be heading up to Norval for their first overnight trip – two nights, three days – starting later this month. Please read though the packing list as a general guide, using the weather forecast to more fully inform packing decisions, and keep in mind that your son needs to carry his own belongings! Please remember, the students must be involved in packing so that they know where to find their belongings. Thank you.