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A message from Year 5

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to meet with us this past Friday. It was a pleasure to sit down and chat with each of you about the your son and his transition to Year 5.

Looking at the concepts of structure and function under the trans-disciplinary theme of “how we organize ourselves,” the boys have studied governing bodies for the past four weeks. They began looking at sports organizations and charities and how they’re organized and governed. We then transitioned to the Canadian government and learned how it’s organized for decision-making and operation. This week we’re delving into types of government around the world. The boys will study dictatorships, communism, democracy, republics, constitutional monarchies and traditional monarchies to understand the complexity around governing bodies. We’ll finish our unit on governing bodies shortly and then move on to a unit under the trans-disciplinary theme of “where we are in place and time.”

In language, the boys reviewed complete sentences and how to respond properly to questions. We’re now compiling those complete sentences into well-formed paragraphs. The boys looked at a variety of paragraphs and were required to level them. They then used this prompt to create criteria for grading paragraphs. (What makes a level 4?) Our current focus is on descriptive paragraphs. As our novel, The Girl Who Owned a City, comes to a close, the classroom conversations are heating up. Prompts such as “Is Lisa an excellent leader?” and “Which type of government is Lisa forming?” are bringing the boys into passionate discussions. We’re thrilled that so many are enjoying the book.

In design technology, the boys are working to build an interactive book. This book, made of wood and linking circuits, will explain an aspect of Canadian government when plugged into their computer. The sheer excitement for coding and the program “scratch” is buzzing around the Year 5 classrooms. If you haven’t yet been impacted by this excitement, please ask your son, “How do you hack into scratch?”

We’re continuing in unit two in math. It focuses on algorithms for larger numbers. To make the process manageable for the boys, we selected two algorithms for each computation. Please refer to this chart to see the algorithms your son will be taught.

Year 5 is the last year of the Primary Years Program (PYP) at UCC and, as such, tudents engage in the PYP Exhibition. The PYP Exhibition is a collaborative, student-directed, research-based, action-oriented culminating activity of the PYP. Students lead their own inquiry in the spring term. We’ll celebrate the completion of the PYP Exhibition with our community, including parents, on Friday, May 11.

More information will be forthcoming in the new year. You should know that the boys in Year 5 have begun talking about the PYP Exhibition and we expect some conversations will continue at home. We’re encouraging boys to take interest in current and local issues. We’ll host a parent session about the exhibition in the new year. In the meantime, feel free to direct any questions about the PYP Exhibition to Dianne Jojic at djojic@ucc.on.ca Enjoy your rich pre-exhibition conversations at home.