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Update | Year 5

First, our gratitude to our Year 5 families for another successful and productive set of Three-Way Conferences. It was such a pleasure to see all of your faces and reflect on our learning this past term. 

In Inquiry, we’ve been exploring our “How the World Works” strand with thorough group investigations into different sources of energy. Students chose between studying solar, geothermal, wind, water, nuclear, fuel cells, fossil fuels or biomass. They then began examining their chosen source using the PYP Inquiry key concepts: form, function, change, connection, causation, perspective, and responsibility. Each group has spent time researching and making detailed jot notes for each key concept and will create a slideshow with accompanying speakers’ notes to formally present to their peers in class. They will continue using and honing these skills in their upcoming Exhibition projects, our next focus in Inquiry.

In our Language Arts lessons, we are working on persuasive writing and figurative language while continuing our series of novel studies. Refining their skill as writers, students will learn to enrich their arguments with data and evidence, and to order that evidence for greatest effect. Students are also learning to make and interpret similes and metaphors, to better appreciate what they read and to incorporate more style into the comparisons they write. Novel studies encourage students to examine texts through several lenses, making predictions, analyzing characters, qualifying conflicts and identifying authors’ intent. Students also build their vocabulary by choosing and defining useful words as they encounter them in their novels. 

Meanwhile, in math, we have just concluded our unit on fractions, where we focused on the logic behind traditional addition, multiplication and division algorithms to enrich students’ understanding of why and how we use them. Next, we will proceed to the multiplication and division of decimals, expanding on this conceptual foundation, as well as measurement. Future units, before the end of the year, will include the multiplication of mixed numbers, geometry and graphing. As the year progresses, ensuring your child has strong and quick recall of their multiplication and division facts will help enable them in more challenging units. 

The students continue to be impressively adaptive, strong and positive throughout this year’s challenges, and it has been a pleasure to work with them, and with you, our Year 5 families. Thank you for your continued support during this interesting year. 


Jen Harper, Gillian McCord, Paul Faggion and DJ Rossi