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A message from Year 4

As part of our inquiry into ancient societies, within the PYP transdisciplinary theme of Where we are in Place and Time, we are planning a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum. Forms 4M and 4O are scheduled to visit for the morning of Tuesday, Dec. 10. We’ll attend an exhibit lesson and a hands-on laboratory lesson based on the ROM’s collection of Egyptian artifacts and models. The focus of these lessons will be the political, religious and social structure of ancient Egypt, as well as its technology and trade. Permission forms will be sent home electronically through Heads Up.

In Language, we continue to use our write club time to reinforce paragraph-writing skills. Students have written persuasive paragraphs, paragraphs about their Canadian artifacts, and paragraphs to describe the personality and appearance of a fictional character of their choice by focusing on character traits as well as physical appearance. As we delve deeper into our examination of ancient civilizations, students will explore mythology. From these readings, students will participate in activities that focus on building comprehension skills and provide opportunities for creative responses. We have also started guided reading groups where the boys will be working in small groups with a teacher to read a text aloud and explore various elements of literature. Please continue to encourage your son to read at home daily and remind him to track his reading progress on the website, Biblionasium. 

The next mathematics unit has several objectives. Students will review strategies to help them develop their automatic recall of multiplication facts. They will explore the relationship between multiplication and division, and examine prime and composite numbers. Students will also work with a variety of different number sentences as they review parentheses and some basic algebraic concepts. As always, there will be time dedicated to practice their problem-solving skills. 

With the changing temperatures and weather conditions, please ensure your child comes to school prepared to go outside.  All students go outside unless it is an extreme weather warning in Toronto. If your son is not well enough to go outside for recess, please allow him time at home to recuperate. 

Y4 Team:

Karyn McCormack kmccormack@ucc.on.ca
Kathryn O’Brien kobrien@ucc.on.ca