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A message from Year 4

Thank you for your participation in last week’s Student-Led Conferences. We hope you enjoyed the effort your boys put into organizing their work to share with you.

Both of the Year 4 classes are fully engaged in our current unit of inquiry entitled, “Do You Know What I Mean?” We have been discussing the different ways to communicate and have had the privilege of many guests who have brought their expertise and personal experience to our unit. Ms. O’Brien’s brother, Colin, visited our classes to teach sign language. We enjoyed developing oral communication skills through our visit with Trevor Currie, Evan’s father. This week we welcomed James Rehob who shared his experiences as a legally blind person. Thank you to Cheryl Carson, John’s mom, for organizing this for us. In addition, the boys are doing a wonderful job writing poetry. So far, we have introduced the following types of poems: Ekphrasis, Concrete, Rhyming Couplets, Haiku, and Quatrain. The boys seemed to really enjoy expressing themselves through words, phrases, and images.

In math, we are finishing up our unit on fractions. The boys have covered a number of concepts including, parts of a whole, number line fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators, converting fractions to decimals, comparing and ordering fractions, and multiplying fractions by a whole number. In the next unit, we will be introducing area and perimetre.

In language, the boys are completing their personal challenge narratives in book creator and we will post them on Seasaw when they are ready to share. The boys have also chosen their poem for the Year 4 Poetry Slam activity and should have started the process to ensure effective delivery.

In physical education, the boys just finished up a mini unit on dance. The boys seemed enthusiastic and really embraced the new addition to our communication connection. We would like to thank Jessica from Sharing Dance, Canada’s National Ballet School’s outreach initiative, who was so passionate and instrumental in the overwhelming engagement demonstrated by the boys. Keep your eyes out for our final performance to be posted on SeeSaw.

We have begun our track season with many practices! We are looking forward to our first meet for the Year 4 boys on Thursday, April 23. If you have not yet signed the online commitment form, please do so. Your son cannot attend the meet if his commitment letter has not been signed.

A quick reminder that the biking unit is quickly approaching and the boys are asked to bring in their bikes, helmets, and locks all clearly labeled on Tuesday, April 23. This week, we had a visit from the Toronto Police to teach the boys about bike safety and to prepare them for their upcoming adventure. If you have not read the cycling letter, please do so. It contains important information about the bike trip as well as expectations around bicycle security when the bicycles are on Deer Park campus.

Kathryn O’Brien kobrien@ucc.on.ca Michael Bushey mbushey@ucc.on.ca



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