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A message from Year 4

We’re are wrapping up 2018 in Year 4. It is a busy time of year for all! On Monday, the boys will be participating in the Form 4 skating party at the arena. You may pick your son up directly at the arena or outside at our regular pick-up spot during regular dismissal. Many thanks in advance to the class reps and our Form 4 rep for organizing and hosting the party.

The report cards for fall term will be sent home electronically today. We encourage you to sit down and go through the reports with your son. Read the comments as these offer insight into areas of strength and next steps forward. A paper reflection for the report cards has come home today. Please talk to your son about his goals for the new year and how we can all support him in achieving these goals. The report reflections are due back after the break.

We have finished off our investigation into decimals. When we come back from the break, we’ll be exploring measurement and then will begin working on multi-digit multiplication. We expect all the boys have a good grasp of their multiplication facts up to the ten-times tables. If your son is looking for activities over the break, he can continue to work on developing his fluency and accuracy with his math facts. The following links are great websites for practicing fact fluency. (Please note that these websites require Adobe Flash.):

Number Balloons

This week, we began our new inquiry unit. It is a science-based unit and looks at states of matter, and what changes matter into new states. We will look at physical and chemical changes as part of our Inquiry unit, as well as periodic elements. On Monday, we will have a visit from Scientists in the School. Usually, after her visit, the boys become very excited to start experimenting. If your son is keen to begin some at-home investigations, Steve Spangler has some fantastic kitchen science ideas.

We have begun another novel study on a science-fiction book, Project Alpha Voyageurs by D.J. MacHale. Until winter break, we will be doing the novel as a class read-aloud so we can help the boys navigate through the first few chapters. After the break, the boys will receive their own copy of the book to read. In this novel study, we’ll be working on making predictions, inferences, and connections. Family conversations around movies and books over the holiday will help your son develop these critical literacy skills.

We look forward to seeing all the boys back on Tuesday, Jan. 7. A reminder that 4O is heading to Norval on Tuesday, Jan. 8 for three nights. From Monday, Jan. 21 to Thursday, Jan. 24, 4B will head to Norval for their winter trip. Information and permission forms have been sent out.

If we do not see you before Thursday, Dec. 20, please enjoy a restful break with your family.

Kathryn O’Brien kobrien@ucc.on.ca
Michael Bushey mbushey@ucc.on.ca



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