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A message from Year 4

Hello from Norval.

As we type this week’s Heads Up update, we’re enjoying the beautiful fall colours of Norval. The Year 4 boys had a fantastic time during their first Norval trip this year. We hiked around the property and did many different team-building activities. The boys relished their chance to have breakfast at Norval. If you didn’t hear menu highlights, please ask your son.

The Norval staff connected our trip with our current unit on Canada. Dianne Jojic will visit Year 4 classes next week to talk about geology. The boys had a chance to explore different kinds of rocks during a group hike at Norval. There are now many “rock hounds” among us. We would like to acknowledge the Norval staff and thank them for ensuring that our trip was a special one.

After we recover, we’ll wrap up our unit on Canada. The boys have researched different regions of Canada and will create a short iMovie to highlight one of these regions. This unit sparked many interesting questions on topics ranging from our historical roots to global politics. Our upcoming inquiry unit explores civilization and early societies.

In language, we continue with our independent paragraph writing in our “Write Club.” Students choose writing topics and create a short paragraph describing their topic. We use our Write Club time to reinforce the paragraph-writing model. We’ll finish our class novel, The Lost Sketch, soon. Please continue to encourage your son to read at home for at least 1.5 hours a week.

We’re well into unit two in math. It investigates place value to the millions and data management. We’ll also revisit the skills of multi-digit addition and subtraction. We explore different algorithms in Year 4, but we ask the boys to learn one well for each operation.

We enjoyed meeting and talking to all of you last week at our settling-in interviews. We appreciate your efforts to support your son’s learning at school. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any concerns or questions.

As part of our Year 4 “Where we are in Place and Time” inquiry into ancient societies, we’re planning a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum. Forms 4B and 4O are scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 7. We’ll attend an exhibit lesson and a hands-on laboratory lesson based on the ROM’s collection of Egyptian artifacts and models.

As the cooler weather is approaching, please remind your son to bring his jacket and outdoor shoes to school. Unless it’s clearly raining, the boys go outside for all recesses.

Have a wonderful week of focused learning.