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A message from Year 3

Year 3 Parents, 

We are close to finishing our unit on forces. The boys have enjoyed the hands-on approach in this unit. They conducted experiments, allowing them to investigate the scientific method, explore the effect of different forces, and engage in enriching discussions about how forces play a role in our daily lives. Our trip to the Science Centre was an opportunity for the boys to see how different forces impact movement through the creation of a marble run! The Oceans: Our Blue Planet video also fostered many questions and discussions around ocean life. 

In our next unit, Where We Are In Time in Place, we focus on communities in early Canada. We explore what life was like in Canada for Pioneers and Indigenous Peoples and how tools, entertainment, roles and food have changed over time. We kick off this unit with a trip to Norval. Our next day trips are Tuesday, Dec. 3 (3C) and Thursday, Dec. 5 (3V). You will receive forms for these trips soon. 

It is getting colder outside so please ensure your son has appropriate outdoor clothing (warm jacket, snow pants, boots, hat, gloves). We are also in Winter Dress now, so the boys are expected to be in First Dress every second Thursday for assembly. This includes white shirt, blazer, tie and pants. The next assembly is Thursday, Nov. 28 and all assemblies are noted on the calendar.

Thank you for your continued support, 


Ms. Van Haarlem  nvanhaarlem@ucc.on.ca

Ms. Crippin ccrippin@ucc.on.ca