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A message from Year 3

We are have wrapped up our unit of inquiry, “The way we see it” and learned a lot about finding the perspective of others in different situations while recognizing the opportunity of learning from them. Students have different points of view and because of the prior knowledge and experiences that we all bring to situations. Students have identified how we share our perspectives and listed the reasons why people might have different perspectives. We hope the concepts explored in this unit will continue to influence their interactions as they learn to value different perspectives.

Our current unit of inquiry is called “Where we are in time and place.” Students have been exploring how evidence from the past is a lens into everyday life in today’s communities. We will be exploring some of the “push factors” which drew European settlers to Canada in the 1800s and some of the opportunities that Canada was able to provide. We will also spend some time examining some of the interactions between the First Nations people who were living in Canada at the time.

We have been fortunate to have a visit from Leanne Harris, a local historian who had many interesting artifacts to bring in and share with the boys.

We have completed our multiplication and division unit and will be moving on to fractions very soon. Please pay close attention to the homework that is being sent home and encourage your son to work on Mathletics to complete his fraction assignments. The fractions unit is tricky and requires a lot of new thinking. Please reinforce the concept of fractions as natural opportunities present themselves at home; using recipes is a wonderful way to reinforce fractional concepts, as is food sharing. We will continue to work on fractions for the next several weeks.

We appreciate your continued support.

Ms. Crippin ccrippin@ucc.on.ca Mr. Ferley mferley@ucc.on.ca



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